Grim Reaper

Unknown - Unknown

Banned DYOM User
Username: Grim Reaper
aka: ACA!!!,

zimmer370, A(n)drEj!, BANNED, Secronom President, Dutchy3010,

Nationality: Serbia
Allies: ArgoN
Banned for: Broke rules in DYOM Website, flamed, insulted designers through comments, etc.

DYOM Website MadnessEdit

Grim Reaper has joined the DYOM Website, until now, he didn't upload any mission, not a storyline.

He began to comment... that's where the madness started.

As in the websites rules, you cannot flame, nor insult people, that's what he broke, especially insulting the mods too. Designers kept reporting his comments, he started to insult people on their own profiles, simply... he was a troll 'till the end.

He last joined Jan 12, 2012 and was banned until now. But few moments later, he made another account, six more actually. ACA!!!,zimmer370,A(n)drEj!,BANNED,Secronom President and Dutchy3010 those were banned as well.

It's a possibilty that he came back again, now with a new IP and account: ArgoN, who seems to respect all six of the accounts made by Grim Reaper.

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