Mission pack
Creator: Mati
Type: Mission pack
Status: WIP
Number of Chapters: Unknown
Year: 2027
Protagonist(s): Rachelle Vakarian

Headhunters is a mission pack created by Mati. It was started on April 06, 2012. This mission-pack marks the return of Mati to DYOM.


America in the year 2027. A fresh start or the beginning of an end? The once so great country has been broken apart because of various factors and now it's run by either gangsters or terrorists. The peaceful country became a struggle if you wanted to survive. The people who haven't died because of the new illnesses or gun shots decided to join tribes, gangs or the remaining Russian military that tried to take over America at it's lowest point, but failed due to lack of communication with the Homeland. If you want to live, you need to join a group and hold a gun. Otherwise, you're a dead man walking.

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