Jack Prinston's life
Mission pack
Creator: AnDReJ98
Type: Storyline
Genre: GTA style, Action Adventure
Status: Completed
Number of Chapters: 4 Chapters
Year: 1993-1996
Protagonist(s): Jack Prinston

Jack Prinston's life is story-line made by AnDReJ98. Developing the storyline started at 26 July 2011, and it was finished on November 2011 with 48 missions in total from which 17 missions were made on GTA UNITED mod, because of ability for player to use Liberty City and Vice City like playable cities.

Story-Line was successful, it received positive reviews and reached more than 1200 downloads making it AnDReJ98's most downloaded story-line for that era.


1993, San Andreas, East San Fierro. A man called Anderson 'Andrew' Jackson, had a company for making cars, though they were also in criminal business by supplying weapons from Europe to San Fierro. Anderson fall in problems with Italian mafia named 'Gracia', which had a big power. Anderson decided to not give up what was a big mistake. Gracia did all they could to 'legally' close Anderson's company, where they successes. Jack Prinston, ex-worker in Anderson's company and his big friend, joined in Anderson's plan to completely destroy Gracia. They knew, it's gonna be hard, but they didn't want to give up. Jack goes through many things, events, cities to complete their plan and destroy Gracia once for all.


For source of rating, click on the links.  4.5/5 (Chapter 1)  4.5/5 (Chapter 2) 3.5/5 (Chapter 3)  4.67/5 (Chapter 4)  5/5 ('All in one' pack)


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