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Username: LFarmer
aka: Peter


Nationality: Malaysian Malaysia flag
Forums: June 27, 2012
Website: July 10, 2012

LFarmer is one of the 2012 DYOM mission designers.



LFarmer discovered DYOM in 2011. He started designing singles missions and sharing them on the DYOM website back when he was known as Peter.

Mission PacksEdit

The Runaway: RemakeEdit

On December 2012, LFarmer played a mission pack called The Runaway designed by Jimmy_Lepard which inspired him to make a re-make of this MP. So far, it received an overall positive review by the players. The reason of making a re-make is because he wanted to improve his mission designing skills. This mission is currently in progress and is expected to complete in August.
DYOM The Runaway (Remake) Oficial Trailer00:58

DYOM The Runaway (Remake) Oficial Trailer

The Runaway: Remake Trailer

28 Days LaterEdit

28 Days Later, is an upcoming zombie-themed mission pack based on a fan-made GTA: SA movie. The story will take place 28 days later after a virus outbreak in a science research facility. On March 2013, LFarmer published some screenshots of the introduction in Designers Lounge.

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