Lance Robinson
Lance Robinson
Appearance(s): A Hot Pursuit
Full name: Lance Robinson
Also known as: Officer Lance Robinson
Status: Alive
Nationality: American
Family: Derrick Robinson (Brother, Deceased)
Main affiliation: Ricardo Montana (Best Friend)

The Major

Phil Simon (Deceased)

Randy Simon (Formerly, Deceased)

Fa Lee

Donald Cipriani

Vehicle(s): Police Car
Businesses: Police Officer
Officer Lance Robinson is the protagonist of Cidj's mission pack "A Hot Pursuit".

A Hot Pursuit Edit

Meeting Ricardo Montana Edit

At the beginning of the story, Lance Robinson is seen talking to a cop. The cop told him and another cop that there's a hostage in the house they are surrounding. He told them that there's a lot of bikers inside the house. The cop ordered Lance Robinson to go inside the house and to save the hostage and bring him to them. Ultimately, Lance Robinson was able to find the hostage who told him that his name was Ricardo Montana. At the moment they decided to go see the cop, another biker came but Lance and Ricardo managed to jump out of the window. Seeing that the cop has been killed, Lance decides to run away with Ricardo from the bikers and lay low.

Beginning of The Hot Pursuit Edit

After running away, Lance and Ricardo decided to lay low inside an apartment that Lance knew. At the apartment, Lance decided that they should go to the LVPD. When they went out, some bikers found them and began shooting at them. In the meantime, the duo managed to kill their enemies and they decided to drive away in Lance's car until they find a safe place away from the bikers and from Las Venturas for a bit.

Meeting Phil and Randy Simon Edit

Ricardo told Lance that they can drive to a house near the Verdant Meadows airstrip. The house was held by Phil and Randy Simon, who are two of Ricardo's closest friends. While they were at their house, bikers surrounded the house, but the four guys were able to kill all of the bikers. They decided that they must run away from the house by morning and they should go out of Las Venturas for the time being. Lance Robinson said that they can go to his Lance's older brother's house, Derrick Robinson who is in San Fierro.

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