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Land of the Dead
Logo of the dead
Mission pack
Creator: Junior123456789
Type: Mission Pack
Genre: Horror, Action, Post-apocalypse
Status: Work in Progress
Number of Chapters: 3 (as of 4.11.14)
Year: 2013-2014
Protagonist(s): Taylor Greene

The focus of this mission pack is to show what it takes to survive in a zombie apocalypse. Heavily story-based, it focus on Taylor Greene, a sheriff of Los Santos' Countryside LSPD, which is knocked unconscious after a cannibalism event was reported on Blueberry Acres. Waking up in a close hospital, he finds himself alone, but soon he discovers he's not alone at all.

The Story (SPOILERS!!!)Edit

Last updated in 4.11.13, up to mission 13 released.

1. Old Days (CH1M1) A thug is seen running from a officer, Taylor Greene, the protagonist of this mission pack. When running away from Taylor, the thug ends up in a rooftop, without any more chances to take, he jumps off the building, but he dies when he touches the ground. Taylor's partner, Shawn, calls Taylor via walkie-talkie and questions him where he is, explaining why he got lost in the chase process, which was because he ran out of gas. Taylor tells him the thug jumped off a building and died, then asks Shawn to call out for an ambulance. After the call, the thug wakes up. Taylor, in an act of fear seeing a guy that had stopped breathing just waking up, tells him to stop, but the thug doesn't seem to listen. Forced to, Taylor shoots the thug, but body shots doesn't seem to work, so he shoots his head. Later the medic arrives questioning Taylor why he said the thug had his head blown off by a bullet and Taylor said he had died when jumping the building. Taylor explains that somehow the thug died and woke up trying to bite him. Later, the sheriff arrives at the Police Station and sees Shawn talking garbage with another officer and explains him of the situation. Shawn only seems to take it as a joke and another officer comes in and tell them of a situation on Blueberry Acres. Shawn goes first, and when Taylor arrives, Shawn tells him the old man lying on the ground has bitten his wife, also dead on the ground. They both go outside and start talking about all that cannibal nonsense, when a car at high speed comes and runover Taylor, meanwhile the old woman wakes up and kills the medic with a bite. Then Taylor falls completely unconscious. Later, how many time had passed is not yet known, Taylor wakes up in a hospital room.

2. Welcome, officer" (CH1M2)


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