Las Venturas Stories
Las Venturas Stories
Mission pack
Creator: Cidj
Type: Mission Pack
Genre: Gangs, Mafias, GTA STYLE
Status: Cancelled
Number of Chapters: 1 story
Year: 1999
Protagonist(s): Mike Huges
Las Venturas Stories is Cidj's mission pack. It was going to feature one story: Problems of a Gangster.

Problems of a Gangster Edit

In Liberty City, when there was peace, all the people have their own business. The biggest business was the business of business man Edward Huges and his wife Amanda "Huges" Gordo. They had a son named Mike Huges who was a gangster who solve all of his problems. On 1998, when Mike was 24 old, his parents we're killed by the men of the evil Rafly Fan. Then Mike moved to Las Venturas, San Andreas to start a new life by forgetting his past but in fact this was worse than before especially when he found out that Rafly Fan is in San Andreas, he decided to get his revenge with the help of his friend Jeff Knight and find Rafly Fan to kill him.

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