Mission Pack

Lee Fang Chronicles
Mission pack
Creator: KaRzY6
Type: Mission Pack
Genre: Gangster, Gangs and Drugs
Status: WIP
Number of Chapters: Unknown
Year: 2012
Protagonist(s): Lee Fang

The Lee Fang Chronicles is a mission-pack created by KaRzY6. It was started on April 08, 2011. The mission-pack theme is ganster, gangs and drugs.


You play as Lee Fang, a 27 year old game designer that worked for Rockstar. He was helping work on their new big hit game, GTA V. Rockstar needed to cut jobs, Lee included. Lee is left jobless. His good friend, Seville Wong, has called with a business proposal. Seville needs a bit of extra green to help support his other businesses, a casino in Las Venturas, and his betting shop in Chinatown, San Fierro. The plan is to start a drug empire. Seville needs some good, trustworthy friends to help him. His closest are Lee and Ron Fi. So this is the start of one of the greatest drug empires in the San Andreas state.

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