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Username: Lee_atsugai
aka: Lee


Nationality: Indonesia
Affiliations: BUYSAG Team
Forums: Feb 2, 2012
Website: Feb 2, 2012

"This is 'Nam, baby!"
-lee's official tagline.

lee_atsugai is a DYOM User and Designer. Joined both GTAForums and DYOM Website at February 2, 2012. He was active until September 2012, where he took a break from DYOM for a long time. Finally, in September 2013, he returned as an active DYOM Designer.

Gangster and the ArmyEdit

Weeks after he joined GTAForums, he started a new mission pack called "Gangster and the Army". There weren't a lot of people who play his mission pack, and he thought that the mission were awful, so he dropped it

The Dead SoulsEdit

After he dropped "Gangster and the Army", he started a new mission pack called "The Dead Souls". It was his very first mission pack to have connection with zombies. But, he also dropped it. On April 9, 2012, he post:

"Sorry, but this mission pack is canceled due to lack of ideas (the third mission is screwed up)"

Crisis of 2016:Rage of Task Force 141Edit

Weeks after he dropped (again) "The Dead Souls", he started a new mission pack called "Crisis of 2016:Rage of Task Force 141". The story is made based on lee's blog. He also commented that he will never cancelled this MP, which becomes true. In October 12th, 2013, he finally completed the mission pack.

"With this, I declare that Crisis of 2016: Rage of Task Force 141 has been completed! But don't worry, the story won't end here (You'll see when you're playing the epilogue mission)."

The Dead Souls - RemakeEdit

After he finished the Chapter 1 and the first mission of Chapter 2 in "Crisis of 2016:Rage of Task Force 141" MP, he make a new topic called "The Dead Souls - Remake". He published the mission when he finished all the missions. This is a mini-mission pack, contains 1 non-playable mission and 4 playable mission. This MP is lee's first ever completed MP since he joined GTAForums and DYOM Website.

The Dead Souls 2Edit

Days after he finished Crisis of 2016: Rage of Task Force 141 Mission-Pack, lee create another mini-mission pack, The Dead Souls 2, which is a sequel of The Dead Souls - Remake. The mission pack will have 1 non-playable mission and 5 playable missions. Currently, he only finished 3 missions for this mini MP.

Future ProjectEdit

Currently, lee have some ideas in his mind. The first one is to create a sequel for Crisis of 2016: Rage of Task Force 141, which is his top priority after he finish The Dead Souls 2. Another one is creating the DLC for RoTF141. The last one, he's planning to make a mission-pack based on his BUYSAG v6 gang, The Brotherhood.

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