Leroy Kingston
Appearances: The Story of Leroy Kingston,

The Story of Leroy Kingston: Remake

Full Name: Leroy Kingston
Also Known As: Leroy
Gender: M
Status: Alive
Nationality: American
Home: Los Santos
Relatives: Jamie(Brother), Crystal(Sister),

Irene(Mother) Kingston

Affiliations: Grove Street Families


Leroy Kingston grew up on a farm in the remote desert of San Andreas. The farm was so remote, you could only enter it by a boat.

Move To Los SantosEdit

In 1996, when Leroy was 21, he moved to Los Santos with his brother Jamie.

Holiday to MiamiEdit

In 2001, Leroy went to Miami for a holiday. He stayed there for a year and spent every cent he had. He went into debt and owed alot of money. Leroy had to sell his to pay back his debt.

The Story of Leroy Kingston: Remake

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