Liberty City: The Revenge or Grand Theft Auto III: The Revenge is a storyline for GTA United made by GTAIndonesia


The storyline takes place where GTA III takes place, 2011.

James Wison is a young driver who moved to Liberty City in 1996, he already knew all the streets, alleys and avenues. He lives with his childhood friend Joey Leonewho also appears in GTA III. He begins working as a getaway vehicles for criminals in 1997. In 2001 Joey introduces James to Luigi who also introduces him to Salvatore Leone. Salvatore Leone instructs James to be a getaway car for the Leone Mafia, and also killing some Triad membere, he is more trusted than Claude.

After the Callahan Bridge was fixed, Claude was instructed to kill Salvatore Leone. After his death Both Joey Leone and Toni Ciprianiinstructed James to search and kill Claude, which making him work for Claude's bosses to find his whereabouts. James first confronted Maria and Asuka, Maria knew James before but won't tell where he is, forcing him to work for Asuka, however, after finishing Asuka's jobs, Asuka went hiding from James. He then finds out informations in the street's leading him to Kenji Kasen. Before confronting Kenji, a Columbian Car drives and hit Kenji at a carpark, which in GTA III's Waka-Gashira Wipeout.

James now tries to confront Donald Love, who tells that Claude is in Shoreside Vale, after failing to kill Claude, Donald Love disappears.

James then recieves an anonymous call from Catalinato get to Shoreside Vale, he is kidnapped and forced to work for the Columbian Cartel, He then got orders from Catalina to go to Cochrane Dam and guard the SPANK, instead of guarding it, he tries to steal the SPANK and kill Claude at the same time.

Failing to kill Claude, James still have the SPANK that Catalina wants him to guard, in the final cutscene, Toni Cipriani recieves a phone call from a Mafia member informing that James had failed to kill Claude and letting him run away. James is sitting in a dinner, Toni Cipriani yells to James "James, you should've done you're fucking job right" and James is shot twice and put into coma.

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