Life in San Diablo
Mission pack
Creator: SatournFan
Type: Mission-pack
Status: Cancelled
Number of Chapters: 1, so far.
Year: 2004
Protagonist(s): Matthew Sunside

Life in San Diablo is a mission-pack created by long-time DYOM User, SatournFan.


2004. Matthew Sunside arrives back home, to San Diablo, from Los Diaz. He surprises his brother, Joe, with the phone call. After Matt's arriving everyone can understand that Sunside Brothers are back on track! But most of things changed after Matthew leaved his hometown in 1996. There are new gangs all over the city, including French Neighboorhood, the biggest nemesis appeared on screen for Sunside Brothers gang. It's time for Matthew to prove that he still can hold a gun...


Name Description Status
Matthew Sunside Matthew is the youngest brother of Sunside family. He leaved his hometown, San Diablo, to find new job and build his own company but failed and lost most of his money. In 2003, he decided to fly back to San Diablo, but first, he needed money, so he made a bad assignment with theif ring leader, and the operation failed, so in the end of 2003 he leaved Los Diaz. Protagonist
Joe Sunside Joe is the elder brother of Sunside family and a leader of Sunside Brothers gang. In 1994 he bought a house in San Diablo "black" district and based a hideout there. He formed a gang, which he called "Sunside gang". Nowadays, Joe is one of the most wanted criminals all over the city. Friendly

Tom Johnson Lamar

TJ is an old friend of Sunside family and left hand of Joe's gang called Sunside Brothers gang. TJ met Joe long time ago, when they both were schoolmates at San Diablo High School, that's now 35th Street University. When TJ heard that Joe's going to create a gang, he decided to help Joe, and Joe made him his left hand. Friendly
Lock O'Magic Lock is an old friend of TJ and former student of 35th Street University. Lock wanted to be a good guy, but he disappointed in people and became a wannabe criminal of Sunside Brothers gang. Years ago he met famous producer George Harras and assigned a contract, so now he's a newbie rapper. Friendly
John Bertran John is the main antagonist of the mission pack. John arrived to San Diablo between 1996 and 2000 and created a gang there, called French Neighboorhood. He became the main enemy of Joe Sunside and his gang. He has a house on Fruit Valley. Antagonist
Gaetano Pirelli Gaetano is the head of Pirelli Crime Family of San Diablo and probably the most dangerous criminal in all of the city. Gaetano had to have some drug lines with Bikers, that's why his family is against Sunside Brothers Gang, just like Bikers themselves. Lock owes him money for almost a year. Antagonist


Name Description
Sunside Brothers Gang Sunside Brothers Gang, formerly known as Sunside Gang, is a gang that was created by Joe and Matthew Sunside. First, this gang was the weak one and received many attacks from the sides of the other gangs, but now, it's the second dangerous gang in all of San Diablo.
French Neighboorhood

The French Neighboorhood was created by John Bertran in the meanwhile Matt was looking for job in Los Diaz. They conquered northern turfs of San Diablo and became nemesis to Sunside Brothers Gang. They own a warehouse in San Diablo Docks and hang out on Fruit Valley.

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