This article is about known bugs in current DYOM version. This is the list of bugs of the current DYOM version. The information is taken from Chimpso's topic

Invisible CheckpointsEdit

Invisible Checkpoints are an annoying bug that leaves the red halo of the chekpoint invisible when designing a mission, but still leaves the marker. It can be cause by making too many checkpoints.

Invisible InteriorsEdit

Invisible interiors is when an interior does not spawn. This usually occurs during cutscenes when the player isn't in interior.

Coloroued SquaresEdit

Cloured squares is an annoying bug when all text on the screen, including all subtitle and the "Mission Complete" text turns to couloured squares. Coloured squares is caused by stray '~' marks in text. This often happens when players text colour or they accidently hit the '2' key when SHIFT is held down.

Driving in circlesEdit

When there's an actor driving a vehicle and passing the points there's a really high chance that the drive will drive around circles at the points that DYOM user has set. This is one of the annoying bugs for mission designers.

Health RegenerationEdit

When you lose health, you always regenerate your health slowly. PatrickW said that Health regeneration was not intended in DYOM, so that confirms the regeneration as a bug.

Though in the new version, Version 7 of DYOM, this bug has been fixed.

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