This article is about DYOM version history.

Official Versions

Main article: Version 8


  • New special effects
    • Over 90 new additional effects
    • New Explosions
    • New Fire effects
  • New Cutscene modes
    • Follow Actor
    • 1st Person
    • 3rd Person
  • New Cutscene properties
    • Slow-motion
    • Shaking camera
    • Skip fading
    • Skip widescreen
    • Scroll through previously placed cutscenes
  • New Special objectives
    • Add Money, substract money
  • New Pickup options
    • Respawn after 30 seconds
    • Respawn after 6 minutes
  • Extend existing routes
  • New Animations
  • Objective Objects
  • Import/export of objective texts
  • Player Animation
  • Quick browsing for cars, actors, objects and animation.
  • Increased max amount of rewardmoney in storyline mode

Bug fixes:

  • Objective texts were not always cleared.
  • Skipping a moving cutscene doesn't end the movement.
  • Crash while using the fire-object.
  • Hide/spawn problems when adding new objectives in the middle.
  • Don't do actor selection for player animations
  • Throwing driver out of car after cutscene with player as passenger.
  • Fix crash, when car or actor used in an "actor" cammode, gets hidden right after the cutscene
  • Improved resposiveness to checkpoints, in complex missions with lots of "must survive" items.

Main article: Version 7

Minor Improvements:

  • Shift-6 gives ":" instead of "="
  • display model-id during actor, object and car model selection
  • Better camera placement during carselection
  • Display during routepoint now indicates and checks maximum of 64 points per route (existing limit)

Bug Fixes

  • Several stability issues solved
  • Health regeneration fixed
  • Route edit improved (faster, more stable)
  • Phone model shown during "talk on phone"
  • Turn of CJ's voice when not in CJ's skin
  • Display bug during editing pickups fixed
  • Space during cutscene skips "all in a row"
  • Error in timelimit handling fixed
  • Fix handling of secondary color during "edit vehicle"
  • Fix messages referring to 'ENTER' key for cancel


  • Fixed Crash at end of car-route


  • Fixed Soundfiles crash

Main article: Version 6

Bug fixes

  • Fixed "outro not starting" after a progress file was loaded
  • Parachutebug: activation of parachute script was hanging in DYOMintro texts.
  • untranslated colorcodes when editing existing objective text
  • Dead enemies who were objectives should be able to be hidden after being killed.
  • Stability: Several bugs have been fixed that should prevent the random crashes when entering mission triggers

New features

  • Mission rewards: money end several "between missions" free-roaming settings (weather, riotmode, peds/cars enabled, wanted level)
  • Clean Start of storyline: reset money,remove weapons,reset health
  • Mission triggers no longer possible in interiors.
  • Player Stronger in designer mode & no hunger & no drowning
  • New Special objective: Remove Weapons
  • New Special objective: talk on phone
  • new animation: jump forward
  • Actors possible to sit/enter missioncar (e.g. pickup someone with your missioncar)
  • In designmode always only show the selected and 3 closest non-selected checkpoints as sphere.
  • Enabled all wasted/busted respawn points (spawn at nearest hospital/police when wasted/busted)
  • Option to use "enter" to make choices during browsing and in menu's

Main article: Version 6

Changes (in comparison with version 5.0):

  • Major bug fixed. We think this caused a lot of unkown and non-reproducible crashes.
  • Colouring objective texts will be with a + instead of ~. That last sign caused lots of trouble. You can use a + with shift+2. Besides, we created a shortcut. If you type CTRL-r it will generate +r+.
  • When you edit a objective, you don't need to type your text again!!!!
  • You can write a storyline (Beta topic for more information)
  • Created a pauze menu to: abort, save progress and load progress during a storyline.
  • Copy your actor with CTRL+P (requested here).

Goal of the beta's was trying to fix as much bugs as we could. We did fix a lot of bugs, but if you find any more bugs, please report. After version 6 beta 2 we fixed some more bugs.

Changelog version 5.0:

  • Animations for actors:
    • Enter nearest car
    • Leave nearest car
    • Sit in nearest car
    • Multipoint routes also for walk and run
    • "die" animation.
  • Behaviour for actors in vehicles(cars, bikes, boats, planes, heli's):
    • Follow player
    • Attack player
    • Drive route
    • Driveby Behaviour for passengers
  • Special objectives:
    • Teleport to car
    • Timeout
    • Countdown
    • Weather
    • Wantedlevel/max wanted level
    • Ped behaviour
    • Set time of day
    • Timelimit objective
    • Start timer objective
  • Options for objectives:
    • Actor Objective: "kill all enemies" option.
    • Checkpoint objective: Add "invisible" checkpoint.
    • Destroy car objective
  • Tools:
    • "Spawn test Vehicle" tool
    • "Teleport to objective" tool
    • "Play from Selected" tool
  • Generic
    • Info-thread for displaying objective and items info
    • Standard accuracy was 100, changed to 50%
    • Add Fire and Explosion as special objects
    • Support for 10 special characters during text input, mapped on shift 1 - 9
    • Hotkeys during vehicle selection: H(eli),P(lane),B(oat),C(ar),S(pecial)
    • Increased limits: Pickups(20-> 50), Cars(20-> 50), Objectives(50->100), 400 Points
    • No traffic/peds in designmode
    • "Move objective" option
    • Radar off in interiors
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed bug when canceling load of mission.
    • Fixed bug in menu-sequencing
    • "New Game" in interior placed player way up in the air.
    • Speeded up detection of marker objective.
    • scroll back from interiour 99 did not work.
    • Fixed bug: Cancel during animation selection freezes player.
    • Cancel of "edit actor" during animation leaves player in actorskin
    • Colour car fix
    • Checkpoint sphere remains visible after checkpoint has been deleted.
    • Car animations of actors didn't work for teleport_to_car vehicle. (only for the current objective)
    • Driveby doesn't work properly for the first passenger
    • Pathpoints are not all freed, when deleting an actor or defining a new path
    • Invisible markers were not removed with editing/deleting
    • Only initiate plane landing if final targetpoint is close to the ground.
    • Crash when canceling vehicle selection in "spawn test-vehicle"
    • Fixed cancel problem in car selection
    • Display of hide after was sometime strange (after 999)
    • Deformed actors in interiors
    • Crashes after play from selected

Changelog version 4.0:

  • Added Support for Cutscene-objectives
  • Add a seperate "Add Objective" menu, the objective menu now becomes too cluthered
  • Corona's, racecheckpoints
  • Checkpoints after a car-objective must be done with that car
  • "Playonly" mission files. Publish mission. If you load a playonly file, it will start immediatly and clears afterwards
  • Teleporting objective
  • Timelimit increments from 30 sec to 10 sec
  • New tool: Interior selection
  • Reset interior when using teleport to marker

Version 4.1

Changelog version 4.1:

  • Skip cutscenes with <space> press
  • Fix Cutscenes in interiors when player is not in the same interior
  • Fixing behavior at end of designing cutscene
  • Fixed must_live property
  • Scaling Issue in weapon accuracy solved
  • Fixed issue when changing a enemy actor to friendly/neutral
  • Next objective is only displayed when in an objective-car-checkpoint sequence.
  • Previous texts were not cleared when loading V1.x missions
  • Fixed crashes when adding actor/checkpoints

Changelog version 3.0:

  • Actor animations
  • Walking/Running Actors
  • Insert objectives after selected objective
  • Disable head shot (for actors/obj-actors).
  • Secondary carcolor
  • Player health
  • Added Parachute and Jetpack Pickup
  • Increase number of objectives to 50
  • Fixed Objective Time limits
  • Changed default health of actors and player to normal level.
  • Objects (jumps/barriers/gates etc etc)
  • Able to destroy objects after an objective (Hide Object)
  • Hide/Spawn concept for e.g. replacing
  • Car Lockable
  • Add ingame reference to the upload site.

Changelog version 2.0:

  • Texts (name, author, intro & objectives)
  • Edit items
  • Delete specific items
  • "Select Objective" for adding items to old objectives
  • Support special actors.
  • Teleporter/JetPack
  • Timelimit per objective.
  • Timed missions.
  • Riots

Version 2.1

Changelog version 2.1:

  • Fixes crash if special actors were spawned

Changelog version 1:

  • Markers: make selectable for objectives
  • Markers: remove for non-objectives
  • Support interiors for player, actor, cars, en objectives(cars, actors)
  • Fix texts after placement of items.
  • Actor behaviour: stay in position, attack on sight, kill player, .......
  • Fix texts in marker color menu
  • Designtime items: actors lock in place, pickups can't be picked up.
  • Clean Mission must really destroy all designtime items
  • Friend behaviour: hold position, follow player
  • Must-live (set for friend and test during mission)
  • Show items after load and after mission.
  • Colorcode items at designtime: friend-actor:green, enemy-actor:red, objectives: white, player: blue
  • Maximum number of items
  • Automatic objective texts
  • Disable wanted level in designmode.
  • Sequence in mission menu: play mission must be first, and thus default.
  • Remove existing weapons from player at start of mission
  • Must live for cars
  • Car: health, properties(bp, fp), color
  • Fix buildings/enexes voor nonsolid interiors.
  • Spawn designtime items with full immunities
  • Implemented storage for timelimit, timeofday, weather, minwantedlevel, maxwantedlevel
  • Usage in mission for timeofday, weather, minwantedlevel, maxwantedlevel
  • Timelimit usage during mission: init timer display, check during objectoves if timer has expired.
  • Create settings menu to set: timelimit, timeofday, weather, minwantedlevel, maxwantedlevel
  • Sequence of main menu: mission, settings, player, objectives, actor, car, pickup
  • Fix helpteksten voor de nieuwe missie settings
  • Incremented ammo to 9999
  • Removed spawnmode for objective pickup (is always one)
  • Following friend improved, now also follow in car.

Changelog version 1.1

  • Fixed crash when loading a savefile


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed cancel of teleport to markertool between interiors
  • Fixed explosion delayed in cutscene
  • Fixed cameraguy in followactor mode
  • Fixed ammo for weapon pickups
  • Fixed explosion dynamite visible
  • Paused ambient sound option (more information below)
  • Changed driving (more information see below)
  • Vehicle routepoints no longer limited to 64
  • Passengers obey "leave nearest vehicle"
  • Fixed invisible checkpoint
  • Fixed edit of objective texts.
  • Fixed objective sounds don't stop on mission fail
  • Fixed editing of objects with movement
  • Fixed move on approach movement and triggermechanism
  • Marker colors able to be real-blue
  • Ctrl-p will have to correctly copy all actor params, (incl deep route)
  • Fixed player-health > 100
  • Fixed wasted after positioning cars and choosing "ready" fast in menu.

New Improvements

  • Shift-6 gives ":" instead of "="
  • display model-id during actor, object and car model selection
  • Better camera placement during carselection
  • Display during routepoint now indicates and checks maximum of 64 points per route (existing limit)
  • Turn off CJ's voice when not in CJ's skin
  • Space during cutscene skips "all in a row"
  • Route edit improved (faster, more stable)

Bug Fixes

  • Several stability issues solved
  • Health regeneration fixed
  • Phone model shown during "talk on phone"
  • Display bug during editing pickups fixed
  • Error in timelimit handling fixed
  • Fix handling of secondary color during "edit vehicle"
  • Fix messages referring to 'ENTER' key for cancel