This is the list of the most wanted features in DYOM mod. Although, some features are possible with mods, but this is the list of features that should be added to DYOM. All features that were announced on DYOM V7 shouldn't be added and will be removed.

Mission features

  • Third actor (Enemy of Friend actor and Enemy actor)
  • Decisions
  • "Mission Failed" description
  • Stealth Objectives
  • Health regeneration
  • More pickups
  • Enter a car as a passenger
  • Sub-Objectives
  • Change/Add clothes
  • Photo objectives
  • Turning off CJ's voice
  • Double enemy behavior
  • More space for words during the cutscenes
  • Drive-by
  • Better sleep animation
  • "Pimping" vehicles

Storyline features

  • Weapon shops
  • Save icon
  • Actors not during a mission
  • Gang turf
  • New mission's apperance after completing certain or all missions
  • Adding mission icons

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