This mission pack is still in-progress.
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Long Road
Mission pack
Creator: LnD
Type: Storyline
Genre: Action, Adventures, Myth, Traveling
Status: Work in Progress
Number of Chapters: March: Week Three, Week Four
Year: 1992.
Protagonist(s): James Miller

LnD has thought a new storyline, it's called "Long Road".


1992. San Andreas.
"I never expected to have such life, every day going into different adventures. It all has to end, now.
I always end up empty, after long time of searching, I think I'll start believing that there are no f*cking myths in San Andreas.
But not until today, I've got another mission, it's to find some sort of weapon from 20's, but from it's description, it doesn't sound like it's from 20's, it's more like from the future, some kind of alien sh*t.
I also have a competition, like always, good guys versus bad guys. If I won't find it in time, my old enemy Mr. Z will get to it and then it's the end of the world for us all. It's time to get serious, this is my game, this is... my story." - James Miller.


  • On May 6, 2012. LnD announced in Designers Lounge about Long Road. Telling that it's gonna be action, adventures, myth, traveling style missions. There's going to be a trailer soon and will be updated a lot after Matthew Hegan's Path: Act II.
  • On May 7, 2012. LnD has released an introduction trailer and also created a thread in GTAForums, also he made the first version of Long Road logo.
  • On May 8, 2012. LnD has finally announced the story and more info.
  • On May 9, 2012. LnD has listed the characters and written their information, also promised to release some missions.
  • On May 18, 2012. LnD has released Day 1 of Week Three, March.
  • On June 25, 2012. LnD has released Day 2 of Week Three, March.
  • On July 15, 2012. LnD has released Day 7 of Week Three, March.


DYOM Long Road (Introduction Trailer)02:09

DYOM Long Road (Introduction Trailer)

Introduction Trailer

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