Louis Montoya
Louis M.
Appearances: The City is yours
Full Name: Louis Montoya
Also Known As: Lou
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Nationality: Cuban
Home: Vice City (Formerly)

Las Venturas

Relatives: Marco Montoya (Brother)
Louis Montoya is the Protagonist of The City is yours.

Life Edit

1998, Louis Montoya is comming to Las Venturas from Vice City. He was a powerful Cartel Leader in Vice City during the 80s. But the Martinez Cartel has taken over the Montoya Cartel. Mark, Louis' brother, fleed to LV. Louis fought against the Cartel.

A few years later Louis gave up and flied to LV to his brother. Louis wants to become a powerful leader and to take over LV.

Missions appearances: Edit

TCIY: Edit

As the Protagonist, he appears in all missions.

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