Mission List
Username: Martin_GDF
aka: Martincho


Nationality: Argentinian.gif
Allies: TheXProject, LucayOrlando, Target13, ALOKIK
Forums: May 2, 2013
Website: Apr 11 '13

Martin_GDF is one of the DYOM users in gtaforums.

User StoryEdit


On Apr 11 '13

He started dyom like every new guy, making normal missions, shooting, car chases and also parkour. He started being known when he launched his first storyline: Claude Speed Stories; and when he started lots of missions like Detective Story, Zombie Minigames; his second storyline Land Of The Dead became known in GTA forums. He made lots of missions and MP's, then he retired for a month, when V8 came out he came back with a new MP called "Genocide Ambition"

Mission PacksEdit

Claude Speed StoriesEdit

This one wasn't a "mission pack" but it was similar, it is a storyline... This is the story of Claude Speed (before Grand Theft Auto 3) when he was 18 years old and he traveled to San Andreas...

This story was remade by Martincho the 14 of December (2013)

Millitary StoryEdit

This is the story of Lars, a man that lost his whole family in a mob hit, you decide that there's nothing to live for and join the army of San Andreas; you will play his story to the end of his days...

Land of the DeadEdit

You are a citizen named Jack, you lived your entire life in the countryside, now you decided to move to the city of Los Santos... one normal foggy day in your normal and boring life you discover that everyone dissapeared and strangely, all the communications are lost, you cannot use anything that use electricity. You just went to meet someone strange in the street... he resulted to be a "non-welcome guest" and you decide to make your own survivence.

Genocide AmbitionEdit

This is the new story by Martincho, it's related to Manhunt game story, it's about the story of Corey Thompson an ex-member of the BLACK SWAN mafia, he been betrayed and now he was sentenced to death in LSPD department, instead of dying, he found himself in the prison, alone, in the darkness and recieving help via speakers by a guy that doesn't shows himself!

Friendships inside DYOMEdit

He started a good relationship with LucayOrlando, another DYOM designer, and then when he started being known inside DYOM he made more friendships with Target13, TheProyectX, xxGTAIVxx, Ushield, etc... Then he started making threads inside GTA Forums .

Actually, he is working on DYOM's Group Missions with Target13, ALOKIK and LucayOrlando but they made only two missions and maybe another one it's going to be cancelled!

For now he is just trying to stop DYOM from dying.

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