Mission Pack

Max Parker
Mission pack
Creator: Arejai
Type: Mission Pack
Genre: Action, Adventure
Status: In Progress
Number of Chapters: 2 (as of


Year: 2012
Protagonist(s): Max Parker


This mission pack is based on the third-person shooter video game, named Freedom Fighter, but was made with a different storyline.


In this story, you'll step into a dead man's shoes.You will be part of a mad hermit's tale. A tale of hatred and vendetta, of lust for power and wealth... and of guilty.

Year 1998, Los Santos is ruled by the selfish government.. that only concerned with money and property. They killed people.. they stole the money that belonging to the citizens.. they doing a corruption with others. It provoked the anger of the people.

You will follow the story of a man named Max Parker, who's forced to fight against the law.

No radiant victory waits at the end.. only clarity about Max's fate.

Mission Packs

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