Mike Harper
Appearances: The San Andreas Biker Gang
Full Name: Mike Harper
Also Known As: Mikey
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Nationality: American
Home: San Fierro
Affiliations: San Andreas Biker Gang
is the protagonist of "The San Andreas Biker Gang" made by SurfingGamer87.


Before, Mike was a Biker Member for 5 years. He made many friends. and ofcourse enemies.

"The Setup"Edit

The Bikers, (Mike Involved) was set up by The Army. Many bikers died but fortunately, Mike survived along with Jay the Leader of the SA Biker Gang.

The Present (Events of "The San Andreas Biker Gang")Edit


Mike was doing mission for Jay to rebuild the gang. Mike has broked up a deal, Stealed a fake bomb. And eventually got betrayed by Jay. This has started a short feud between Mike and Jay.

Feud With JayEdit

Mike has started a very short feud with Former biker leader Jay Cooper. He has hunted him for a short time, Until he has finally killed him. Though upon Danny Thompson hearing the news. Danny has officially started to Hunt for Mike for killing Jay. Danny has then been codenamed: "The Ultimate Enemy".

Feud with "The Ultimate Enemy"Edit

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