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Username: MrMonster8
aka: Bedo Salma


Nationality: Egyptian
Forums: Jun 12, 2013
Website: Jun 16 '13
MrMonster8 is a DYOM user since 2013 but, He joined the forums at 2012 with the name Bedo Salma (Old Account).

Before DYOMEdit

Before DYOM, He strated to play GTA Vice City with Relity mod and he was happy, He was only 5 years, Then after it he bought GTA SA and finished all its missions 3 times but, He always stopped playing GTA SA for weeks, And a day he downloaded DYOM when he was browsing GTAGarage, In real it was his first time for seeing GTA online, He always got games offline from stores. (In real he was searching for Cheats of the game :P) and in this moment he found DYOM and played missions with.


He downloaded missions and stored them on the computer he may having 1000 missions on his computer (He has 500+ folders which contain other folders filled with missions), He created his first mission (Illegal airport stories) -The big uncompleted fault, He also created Pro Driver and Dail Of Duty, However, Both Mission Packs were cancelled

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