No Rules in the Sands
Mission pack
Creator: LeonCJ
Type: Storyline
Genre: GTA-style.
Status: Completed.
Number of Chapters: 3 Episodes
Year: 1997
Protagonist(s): Lance Casa "LaCaLa" Lawrence


"We have a story, we all do, but the story's are just mysteries of the land of sand...

1997 years. San Andreas, the Desert.
"It is sometimes cold out here... sometimes hot. But it's only sometimes, the only thing is blood that is always out here. We have no rules, the sheriff of the land doesn't give a f*ck about us all. We're people... we're the police... we're the bosses. The most thing that never stopped happening is gang wars. I hope you all motherf*ckers are happy! I hope you... my cousin... I hope you're happy too, Mr. LaCaLa.
- Your cousin... Now an enemy of course, Oca..."

A guy name Lance Casa "LaCaLa" Lawrence got a letter from his cousin Oliver Casa "Oca" Lawrence. Lance understood that Oliver can die out there, in the sand. Oliver is begging Lance's help and Lance is on his way back from Liberty City.

E-Mail FeatureEdit

"In some missions, there won't be a sign where to go. That means the mission giver have sent you a mail via E-Mail. You'll have to check this in order to continue the mission."

In the game, you must register to e-mail and in GTAForums topic, you'll have to read the mails.
Some mails will tell you the news, some mails will tell you which mission appeared in-game.

Some mails will be important to read, as you will recieve mail to make progress in the missions.

Trailer and GameplayEdit

No Rules in the Sands Trailer02:09

No Rules in the Sands Trailer

Gameplay is not available, yet.

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