No time for the life
Mission pack
Creator: AnDReJ98
Type: Story-Line
Genre: Gangsta, GTA style, Goverment
Status: Completed
Number of Chapters: 3 parts
Year: 1993
Protagonist(s): Josh Galley
 No Time For The Life is AnDReJ98's storyline which was posted on GTAForums 11 May 2012 along with first part of the storyline. The storyline was had better success at than at GTAForums, through it still had positive review there. Storyline uses icon mod to improve the style of storyline feature and make it more unique. It can be found in archive of every part.


1993,San Andreas desert... There was an local mexican gang, called 'MG'. They owned some towns & hideouts in desert. MG always wanted to control Las Venturas 'LV', but they couldn't and they knew it, but MG's boss Barney Watson decided to go there and try to get into group of people who controls LV. He knew it would be so hard so he didn't bring up his men there, he went there only with his best friend and gang member named: Josh Galley . Josh agreed with Barney and they went on their way to LV...


15 May 2012: AnDReJ98 said part 1 will be realased for 3-4 days on GTAF.

24 May 2012: Part one has been realased on DYOM website.

28 May 2012: Part two has been realased on DYOM website, character & gang list were updated.

5 June 2012: Trailer has been added on oficial GTAF page by xGhostx.

14 June 2012: Part 3 final has been realased.

No Time For The Life Trailer01:19

No Time For The Life Trailer


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