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[Denise Stories (WIP) Mission List]
Username: NothingSpecial
aka: NS

Muhammad Rizki



Nationality: Indonesia
Forums: November 29, 2009
Website: January 4, 2012

NothingSpecial is a DYOM User and Designer. He joined GTAForums on November 29, 2009. His actual name is Muhammad Rizki.

A Short HistoryEdit

Long before he clicked the register button of GTAForums, he was a super dumbass. On 2006, his friend introduced him GTA San Andreas for PS2, turning him into a compulsive gamer, drained his mom's money just for buying new GTA games.

On 2008, he bought a GTA San Andreas for PC. At the same year, while browsing the internet, he saw a modded GTA SA videos in Youtube. Filled with curiosity, he clicked the new tab, and start browsing. The vice water mod found in TheGTAPlace was the first mod he installed. After that, he learned everything about .txds, .imgs, modifying the games, etc.

And finally on November 29, 2009, he clicked the register button of GTAForums and start contributing his ideas and made new friends.

Before DYOMEdit

He didn't know anything about DYOM until the DYOM V4 was released. At first, he wasn't interested in this mod. But after seeing other people in the forum and getting feedback and new fans, he was encouraged to create missions just like them.

He started with simple missions, but didn't wanna to release them. And to learn more about DYOM and bug fixings, he joined the DYOM website on January 4, 2012.

Current Mission PackEdit

Now he is working for his first mission pack "Denise's Stories", which explores Denise Robinson's history, and exploits in 1990, two years prior to the events in GTA SA. Wish him good luck!

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