An Objective is a feature that lets you set mission's goal.


For this feature see: Cars

Set an objective to get in the vehicle or destroy a vehicle.


For this feature see: Actors

Set an objective to kill an enemy


For this feature see: Pickups

Set an objective to pick up a pickup


A checkpoint is a player's destination. Like in original game, checkpoints are used for going to specific places. Checkpoints need to be passed through to count as completed. First you need to select the checkpoint type using the "Y" and "N" keys. After that, move the checkpoint around using the WASD keys or the cusor keys. You can then change the height of the objective by holding down the "Jump Key" and using the cusor keys. And you can change the size of the checkpoint by holding down the "Left Mouse Button" and using the cusor keys. Once you are done, the checkpoint will be placed on the map.

Special Player Objectives

This objective lets you to add special objective that effects the player.


This will teleport the player to the selected place on the map so that they can continue playing on from that point. They are completed immidiatly. You can choose the teleports model, weapons and health.

Teleport to car

This acts the same as the teleport objective except that it teleports the player into a car. The player must use the car to go to the next objective. You can browse and select the desired vehicle using the "Y" and "N" buttons. Once it is selected, you can change it's primary and secondary colours ("Y" and "N") and then move it into the right position. You can then adjust it's health (100; it will be set on fire and immidiatly blow up. 250; It is very weak and will be set on fire easily. 500: It will have half a it's normal health. 1000 It will have it's normal health. 2500; it will have 1.5 times more health then normal.), weather or not is is Bullet-Proof, Explosion-Proof or Damage-Proof (does not take any body damage, dented hood, doors ect.).

Set Wanted Level

This will change the player current wanted level, you can select from 0 to 6 stars.

Remove Weapons

This objective removes all weapons from the player and leaves them just with their fists.

Talk on Phone

When this objectives is used, the player character will take out a phone and start talking. These objectives act much like "Timeout" objectives. Set the amount of time the sentence will last and add the text. The first "Talk on Phone" objective will take out the players phone. The "Talk on Phone" objectives between the start and finish "Talk on Phone" objectives will have the player talking on the phone. The last "Talk on Phone" objective has the player putting away the phone.