Profile Link
Username: ogiELman
aka: Ogi


Nationality: Serbia
Affiliations: AnDReJ98
Forums: 28 Oct 2011
Website: 21 Oct 2011
ogiELman is an old DYOM user and designer that appeared on GTAForums for the first time in early 2012, with his mission-pack Operation SandStorm, but just few days later, he totally disappeared. He was satisfied with his quite work by uploading missions on DYOM website like he used to do before joining GTAForums back in 2009. The last mission he made was in February 2012, while his first mission was uploaded fall 2009 and later moved to his profile with new date. Since then he doesn't have any mission made, but his activity in DYOM business is bigger than it sounds. He can be found in credits of some successful AnDReJ98's storylines: Episodes from San Fierro, Rock 'n Roll story & Different Paths. He also has worked on The Story Of Carlos Felipe San Vice MP that was originally designed by Notna and AnDReJ98 which was cancelled for unknown reason.

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