Operation SandStorm
Mission pack
Creator: OgiELman
Type: Mission-pack
Genre: Action, Military, Shooter
Status: WIP, On Hold
Number of Chapters: Current: 7 missions
Year: ?
Protagonist(s): Multiple nameless soldiers
Credits: ogiELman


Operation S.A.N.D.S.T.O.R.M.  (Or Operation SandStorm) is a mission pack designed by ogiELman, with help from AnDReJ98 in 2010-2012. The story evolves around a imaginary conflict between the U.S. Army and a nameless terrorist organization. The player takes control over multiple nameless soldier protagonists. The missions often take place in the Desert, but sometimes the scenery changes to a city or a forest.

Operation SandStorm (Original)Edit

The story revolves around a military transporter operating the Leviathan helicopter, witch was tasked to transport supplies to the front line.While on the mission the Helicopter gets shot down by a terrorist,the protagonist jumps out in time and parachutes into safety. He then proceeds to walk to the front line and assists the troops in the fight. When the terrorist were defeated a tank column approached the front to aid in assistance. The protagonist takes the role in the tank and marches into a village to assist the soldiers,when all terrorist get killed the protagonist goes to the LZ. The helicopter starts flying but gets shot down by and RPG.


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