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Creator of DYOM
Username: PatrickW
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Affiliations: Dutchy3010
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Forums: Jan 7, 2004
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PatrickW is a game modder and one of the co-creators of the greatest Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas' mod - "Design Your Own Mission".


PatrickW is a Software-engineer/System-designer and a moderator of gtaforums. He's currently married and has two children. He likes to mod GTA San Andreas by adding cool features to the game. He's famous for creating a Hot Coffee mod for GTA San Andreas, which you can play a mini-game with your girlfriends. He also mods GTA Vice City. He usually mods with Dutchy3010.


In late 2008, with the help of Dutchy, he created a mod called "Design Your Own Mission", which allows you to create missions in GTA San Andreas. In 2008-2010, along with Dutchy3010, he received many rewards such as:"Winner of GTA Modding Awards 2008: Best Mission Mod" and "Winner of "GTA Modding Awards - Best Script Mod (III)".


  • Contributing winner for DYOM in 'Best Mission Mod' 2011 GTAF awards.
  • GTAForums' Modding Awards: 'Best Script - Design Your Own Mission V7.0' 2012
  • Winner of "Best Mission Mod" 2010
  • Winner of "GTA Modding Awards - Best Script Mod (III)" 2009
  • Winner of GTA Modding Awards 2008: Best Mission Mod


Besides DYOM, Patrick made some other mods for GTA San Andreas: