Username: ramonce09
ramonce09 is a newbie designer who created several missions. He completed a series which is named "Rescue the President". Now, he doesn't make missions due to inactivity on playing his PC.


Ramonce09 found the DYOM website by finding how to create missions in GTA SA. He started creating missions since 2013. He became inactive by March 2014.

Future PlansEdit

He is trying to remake his poorest mission that he created, "The Heist". It will be renamed as "Jewelry Store Heist (Loud)" and the plot will change. The crew members in the mission are: Packie McReary (gunman), Eddie Toh (driver), and Ricky (from the Liveinvader). It will be done before Christmas. 

After that, he will remake a GTA San Andreas version COD 4 missions which will start at Crew Expendable (which was created before he had gone inactive). The F.N.G. mission will be the first to remake.

Mission ListEdit

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