Raw Danger: Duty Calls is an episode for Raw Danger.


Henry Thompson is a regular security officer in The Pentagon Agency, at the day of the Apocalypse (12 December 2012), Henry uses a cab ride to report for a "Guard Duty" shift, on the way to report to another officer, he passes a camera and saw Agent 07 going to Indonesia (part was not seen in the original Raw Danger),the protagonist of the original Raw Danger.

After reporting to Officer Timothy, Henry goes to the elevator to fix it, and the place began to shape and explode. Henry finds himself in a secret underground facility and finds his way out, while the place is crawling with zombies and millitary. He finds hisway through the surface and met Dr.Riley, who knows how to get out of Pentagon.

After escorting Dr.Riley to the warehouse, Dr.Riley asks Henry to find his two colleagues, and Henry goes to Pentagon to search for them, after the search, Dr.Riley finished the teleportation device and asks Henry to find a Power Cell to get the device to work, on the way, he passes a large group of zombies, and a wounded guard, who tells Thompson how to charge the Power Cell, He charges it and went back to Dr.Riley.

Henry goes tback to the warehouse and asked to open the fields to make the teleportation work, he goes last through an automatic power, and goes through the portal, just as the millitary gets there, While teleporting, the device was broken by the army that makes Henry go through several places including seeing Agent 07 escaping, He manages to teleport back to Dr.Riley, and all of them escapes in an SUV.


The Mission Pack has been released, Download it here

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