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Title: Rent-A-Car
Creator: Dutchy3010
Release Date: 01 Jul 2009

Rent-A-Car is a one of many mods created by Dutchy3010.


Dutchy3010 started on this mod a few years ago, but never completely finished it. Then Brad. requested something like this, that's why I started on this mod again and converted it into CLEO3. Go inside Wang Cars and talk to the manager. Then you have to chose for a car. You have to pay a bill and a deposit. How much you will get from your deposit when you return the car, depends on how much the car is damaged. Of course you don't have to bring back the car, but then you will lose your deposit.


First you have to install CLEO. You can download it here. Also install the gxthook: download gxthook.cleo (you can also download it here, on the right) and put that in the cleo folder. Then make a folder called "CLEO_TEXT". There are 2 files you need to move in the package. First there is a .cs file, you have to put that in the cleo map (for example: cruise). Then there is a .fxt file, you have to put that in the CLEO_TEXT folder (for example: cruise.fxt).

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