Mission Pack

Road To Justice
Mission pack
Creator: The Odyssey
Type: Mission Pack
Genre: Racing, Action
Status: Completed
Number of Chapters: 3
Year: 2013-2023
Protagonist(s): Drake Howell
Credits: The Odyssey,

Chips237, KD Himan, Doublepulse, SatournFan, BeKowalaski, Viscocity, RamiV2, SanAndreasDYOM

Road To Justice is 5th Multi-Designers project created by The Odyssey.

The project was started on January 15, 2014 and was finished on July 7, 2014.


Drake Howell was an ordinary cop who fought crime - he majored in chasing after and arresting street racers and speeding drivers. However he stumbles into a mess. Drake interrupts the meeting of a street racing crew, and him and his partner are ordered to be killed. However the leader of the crew has a soft side. He will let Drake live if he joins their crew. Now the cop must both be a cop and a criminal, without blowing his cover, and living life on the fast lane.


Basically, each user takes turns in creating a mission, which are all part of a story in a Mission Pack. Missions are all connected to each other, so they should be played in order.

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