• Drake Howell

The protagonist of Road to Justice. The good cop gone bad, you play as Drake while he tries to keep his job as a cop without the authority finding he has a secret life street racing.

  • Andy Moss

The deuteragonist and later secondary antagonist. Drake's cop friend. He's worked with Drake for over 2 years. He later betrayed Drake.

  • Phil Warwick

The main antagonist. Undercover cop who works with Andy and Drake. He is shown that he wants to kill Drake in the introduction, later betrayed them by revealing information to LVPD and plans to take over both the police and street racing business.

  •  Nathan McFarlane

A minor antagonist. Leader of the street racing crew. Threatens to kill Drake if he doesn't join his crew.

  • Roy Baker

Nathan's assistant.

  • Seth Dalton

A major antagonist. High ranking member of the racing syndicate. Good friend of Andy and Drake, later betrayed them by working with Phil.

  • Mr. Fox

A major antagonist. He is the leader of the Faxus. Due to a small mistake, he is Drake and Andy's worst enemy.

  • John Secronom

The tritagonist. FBI Agent who arrests Drake and Andy but allows them to be released if they kill Phil.

  • Eric Holcomb

John Secronom's colleague and assistant, disappeared later in the story.

  • Name: Gary Howell

Drake's son. Wishes for his dad to get his life back on track, and away from the street racing business, later the protagonist.

  • Name: Ryan Howell

Drake's brother. Owns an armory, which Drake and Andy use if they need weapons.

  • Name: Kim Parker

A minor protagonist. Woman hired by the FBI to keep track on Drake and Andy.

  • Name: Johnny Nixon

The protagonist of the 1st multi-designers project, appearing in this one. A friend of John and Eric.

  • Name: Tenshi Wu

Seth's friend who is involved with the Phoenix Drake steals. Trying to get away from street racers wanting the Phoenix.

  • Name: Officer Rowley

A cop who arrests Andy and Drake, later turns on Phil and joins Drake's team.

  • Name: Chris Anthony

A minor antagonist. A man who organized one of the tournaments in San Fierro, later betrayed Drake and Andy by revealing their location to Phil.

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