San Andreas Citizens
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Title: San Andreas Citizens
Creator: PatrickW and Dutchy3010
Release Date: 04 Mar 2009

San Andreas Citizens is a mod created by PatrickW and Dutchy3010.


"San Andreas Citizens" is a SCM modification that allows you to easily switch into any San Andreas Citizen that you encounter. Simply press 'Y' when you're near another citizen and you will become that citizen. Some citizens have special abilities. These will be described on screen when you switch into such a citizen. This mod will be regulary updated in the future, where other citizens will get new abilities. Below is an overview of all special abilities to have fun with roaming around in San Andreas. In the pictures in the following posts, the citizens are displayed, which havce these abilities. Remember that you can change into any citizen that you encounter, not only the ones with special abilities. If you're near a vehicle, you can even switch into the body of the driver or the passenger, whichever is nearer. Switching bodies will clear your wanted level, so it is a nice way to escape from the police.


  • Full Health: when switching into this citizen, your health will be restored to full.
  • Bleed: As this citizen, you can press 'N' near other citizens, to make them start to bleed.
  • Super Extinguisher: as this citizen, you can instantly put out any fire around you with the Fire-button.
  • Fire: Pressing N, will start a fire a couple of meters on front of you.
  • Freeze: Pressing 'N' near another citizen, will freeze them. If you freeze another one, the first one will resume its normal life.
  • Never wanted: as this citizen, you wil never receive a wanted level.
  • Weather Control: pressing 'N' will change the weather.
  • Dance: While keeping "N" pressed, you will be dancing. Five different dances are available.
  • Ride as passenger: Approach a vehicle and press 'N' to enter it as a passenger. Enjoy a tour through San Andreas.

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