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Username: SkyLine10
aka: SkyLine


Nationality: Indonesia
Forums: November 26, 2012
Website: November 26, 2012
SkyLine10 (also know as SkyLine) is one of DYOM Designer. He joined with DYOM and GTAForums at November 26, 2012. He has good presentation on his mission pack topic. His weakness is English grammar.


Found DYOM

Year 2011, before he found DYOM, he was playing Need For Speed World and Dota 2. About a few years ago, he become bored wanted to find something new. One of his friend told him about playing GTA SA. Then, he download the game and played it until finished. A few months ago, he just finished the game and he began feel bored again. His little brother wanted him to create some mission. But, he didn't know how to do that. Then, he started to search google and he found the mod named DYOM. He download the mod and tried it. In year 2012, he knows about DYOM features and he decided to create some mission pack.

First Mission PackEdit

Before he created his first Mission Pack, he found some community forum named GTAForums. He learned the BBCode and he decided to share his first Mission pack in there. After that, he started to create his first mission pack and named it "The True Hunter". He created the story by write on paper and make his own character After he finished create 2 missions of The True Hunter, he released his first mission pack and create the thread at GTAForums. About a few months ago, his first mission pack become cancelled because his computer got damaged by virus. All DYOM files were deleted and his computer need to be fix.

New Mission PackEdit

Since his computer need to be fixed and all DYOM files have been deleted, his father gived him a new laptop. He really happy and excited when his father give him a new laptop. Then, he install GTA SA and DYOM and wanted to make new mission pack. He write new story and create his new own character. After that, he create his new mission pack with war theme. He named it "The Foxtrot". His mission pack was inspired from Rainbow Six Vegas and Call of Duty Black Ops. He released 2 mission of The Foxtrot and some users just give him some feedbacks. In June, he stop creating the mission because, he has really busy his real life.

Back to DYOM BusinessEdit

Since school was on holiday, he was playing Dota 2 for a while and visited his friend. He remebered that he should continue his mission pack. Then, he back to DYOM Business and decided to continue his mission pack. He released 2 new mission of The Foxtrot in July. Now, he start trying to improve English Grammar and finishing his mission pack.

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