DYOM members and others that chat in DYOM's Skype group is probably the most active group in DYOM. The group chat has a lot of history about DYOM Trio, other DYOM users and people that chat in there. The chat was recreated more than five times with different leaders of it.


The Beginning

Main article: DYOM Trio

In early August, 2011, the chat began from COOLMAN12234555896, LnD and Doublepulse as they added each others to their skype contacts and started group chatting about DYOM and other stuff, which created a skype group chat. As time passed, DYOM Trio was born and more people joined the group. There were many friendships, many experience and many conflicts between the chatters. More people started to join and more people started to leave as the chat progressed.

The Reborn

Main article: Evolution of Gaming

In mid July, 2012, LnD and Doublepulse started a new chat with people that aren't from DYOM, that started more gaming. DYOM users that were previously added in the previous group, were added to the new group and started new community.


The group had more than one leader (admin or creator of the chat). Usually, leaders of the chat were the official members of DYOM Trio. Becoming the leader, one must "recreate" the chat by adding all members, or the the current leader of chat can make him the leader.

  • Doublepulse - Probably the official leader, since he recreated the chat most of the times, and also he was declared the official leader of DYOM Trio.
  • LnD - He was a leader about two or three times in the chat, by either recreating a chat or the current leader of chat making him the admin.
  • COOLMAN12234555896 - He was also a leader about two or three times.

Non-DYOM users

Even though it's an official DYOM skype group chat, there are, or were, some people that were invited to the chat for gaming and other reasons since DYOM Trio.


Aistissan is one of the best friends of LnD. He joined the chat when it was still DYOM Trio, and he's still in the chat as the member of "Evolution of Gaming". He plays Minecraft, San Andreas Multiplayer and Team Fortress 2 with all chat members.


Jbadboy or Jonathan was the first non-DYOM member (excluding Aistissan) to join skype group while it was as "Evolution of Gaming". He, like aistissan, plays Team Fortress 2 and Minecraft with all the members. He also likes to upload YouTube videos and get subscribers.

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