Sneak Preview DYOM Version 7
Title: Sneak Preview DYOM Version 7
Creator: Dutchy3010
Date: Sep 26 2012
Type: Sneak Previews
Articles: List of DYOM versions

Sneak previews are the video previews for DYOM V7 that were uploaded by Dutchy3010 on her channel.

Previews for DYOM V7

Moving Cutscenes

The first preview was about the most wanted feature in DYOM - Moving Cutscenes. This preview came as a surprise, since Dutchy3010 and PatrickW didn't tell anyone that they were working on DYOM V7.

Adding your own sounds!

"How does that sound?"
-Dutchy's "message" for the second preview

Dutchy promised that there will be a second preview. As promised, she showed in a new preview another new feature, which DYOM users were really exciting to see. The new feature was adding your own sounds. Nobody believed that the feature could be possible in DYOM.

Upcoming previews

Dutchy3010 stated there might be no new sneak previews in the future.


DYOM - Moving Cutscenes01:11

DYOM - Moving Cutscenes

DYOM - Add your own sounds!01:09

DYOM - Add your own sounds!

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