Spam War I







DYOM Users

The Spammers

  • Various DYOM users


Spam War I was a major event in gtaforums and DYOM history.

About the War

Starting the war

The war started as TonyCJ started to triple-post the threads, disrespecting DYOM users and also for cancelling a lot of mission packs of his. As of this, TonyCJ gained some major disrespect from some DYOM users. Jetjatin was also included in this event as he was TonyCJ's friend back then and, unexpectedly, spammed with TonyCJ. DYOM users were furious of these events and, so, the Spam war began.

The Limits

The war lasted about a month or two. The DYOMers still hated the two spammers that started it all. To end all of this spamming, Secronom President made a thread about his fake leaving the DYOM for good.[1] People believed in his leaving and this is what made to ban TonyCJ for good. While TonyCJ was banned, members were thinking about what to do with jetjatin. But, jetjatin promised to change his ways, and so he did.

New Spammer

While TonyCJ was still not banned, new future-spammer joined gtaforums as he named himself ilovegta123456. Later, after TonyCJ was banned, ilovegta started his first poorly mission pack called "The city of death" (Correct spelling: The City of Dead). Unexpectedly, ilovegta started to spam in his own mission pack thread, which attracted some DYOM users to hate him for his poor grammar and his "spam skills". ilovegta wanted to change, but it was too late as he spammed more and was banned.

Unexpected Spammer

As all DYOM users thought that it was over, unexpectedly, one of the best DYOM users, hebekie started to go "nuts" as he complained about his lack of popularity. He created two threads about it. The first one was about banning hebekie himself[2] and the second was a useless thread which he was banned.[3]


  1. Secronom President started a thread about his retirement from DYOM.
  2. Hebekie's pre-last thread
  3. Hebekie's last thread

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