Appearances: Your mother(MOTW Comedy)

No Crossover Limit

Full Name: Stara
Also Known As: Grandma
Gender: Female
Status: Alive
Nationality: Polish-American
Home: Liberty city(place of birth)

Ganton, Los Santos Dick's Xoomer, Las Venturas Vank Hoff Hotel, San Fierro

Relatives: Unknown American Mother

Unknown Polish Dad

Affiliations: Grandpa Jenkins


This page is for the protagonist of No Crossover Limit.


Stara is a single woman, she was born in a rich family living in Liberty City with a Polish dad and American Mom, Her life was not that bad in a rich family.

She was gone to Los Santos on her 30th birthday, and bought a house near the Ten Green Bottles in Ganton. she also bought a pink bike. her house has a underground. it's like a gun shop, full of guns. her favourite weapon was the SMG and the Minigun. she was once involved in gang crime with the Families Gang.

Now she's 76 and still looking for a man, and she's wanted by the fatty gang, she later is helped by Jenkins.


  • Stara is Polish for "Old Woman".
  • Stara's LSEMMP Username is "Stara901".
  • No Crossover Limit was first gonna be a DYOM Tennis with Target13 and StuntmanDYOM. but Target13 had no time to make missions.

all of the NCL Characters in a Photo.

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