Storyline is a DYOM V6 feature that let's you to choose missions GTA style.

The Concept

With version 6, DYOM has been extended with storyline functionality, which enables you to put several missions (upto 24) in a container, where you can trigger the individual missions at certain locations indicated on the radar. So the player can "Freeroam" before choosing to play the next mission. Not all missions will have to be available from the start, you can configure that a certain mission must have been passed before an other one is unlocked. It is upto the storyline designer when a mission becomes available to the player. If you have several of them unlocked at the same time, the player can choose which mission he wants to play next or you can define a exact sequence, by making sure that there is only one mission unlocked at any time and passing a mission will unlock the next one.



At the start there will be an intro, which it can be either cutscenes or objectives Most of people use intro as only cutscenes, since if there's an objective during the intro and you fail in any mission, you will have to restart the same intro with objectives over and over again. Designers like to use intros as monologues for protagonists.


You can add 24 missions into the storyline. The missions work like in GTA: San Andreas, by adding mission checkpoints. When adding a mission, you can choose rewards and change some mission objectives like: weather, wanted level, etc. You can also add a mission icon, which displays who's the mission boss. Entering checkpoints will cause the game to start a mission. By completing a mission, you can get rewards - money (you can change the amount of money you get, although money is useless in storyline, because you can't buy anything) and respect and later you can make either a new checkpoint appear or end the storyline, which it causes to start an outro.


Ending the storyline will cause to start an outro, but if there's no outro created, the storyline will end. Outros are suppose to be only cutscenes, but it's possible to add objectives too. Dying during the outro will cause the storyline to end.

Loading and Saving

Load and Save is a feature in DYOM that lets you save your progress in storyline.

Loading and Saving your progress is easy by pressing Y and N at the same time while not in a mission. Most of the users expected that loading and saving would be the same as in GTA San Andreas by picking up the save icon.