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Username: RandomStunt
aka: StuntmanDYOM2
Nationality: Polish/Dutch
Allies: Everyone who respects him
Forums: Mar 25, 2013
Website: Aug 03 '12

Aug 04 '13(Sec. acc.)

StuntmanDYOM (better known as RandomStunt) is a user which joined somewhere around the end of 2012 and 2013. in 2013-08-04 He made a secondary account for other computers, because he forgot his password.


StuntmanDYOM made his account around the end of 2012. He started with a mission called "Hunt for money" it wasn't as good as his newest ones now, but still a bit good. He remade the mission for DYOM #18 with a lot of tweaks, leaving only 10% of the original mission story in the new mission. He doesn't do much missions at the moment, but participates in MOTW Now and then.

Current WorksEdit

Done: Edit

Main FocusesEdit

  1. GTA V Random Events
  2. Aztecas Stories

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