The Half-Blood Prince
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[Long Theft Auto (2013); Grand Theft Auto: V Remake in DYOM (2014); Long Theft Auto: The Brightness of the Red Diamond (2014); Long Theft Auto: The Ballad for Staff (2015); V for Vinegar (2016) Mission List]
Username: The Half-Blood Prince
aka: THBP, T


Nationality: Brazilian
Forums: January/2013

The Half-Blood Prince (THBP) is an user of the GTAForums and DYOM website, and also a DYOM designer. His MPs are known for being produced in the same way as real games, posting trailers, screens, maps and others before the entire pack.


Joined at January 14, 2013. Until today, makes topics about his projects in the Mission Showroom of GTAForums, and post the missions at the website.


Long Theft Auto series: The first Long Theft Auto was announced at January 2013, and after some problems, the first missions was released in June 2013, until the final mission, in December 2013. The first DLC were released in 2014, called "The Brightness of the red diamond". The second, though, called "The Ballad for Staff", were cancelled in the fourth mission in 2015.

GTA V to SA [xxGTAXIVxx & THBP]: The remake of GTA V was announced with xxGTAXIVxx in the GTAForums at January 2014. The project has finished only with the Prologue.

V for Vinegar: The new MP of THBP is being designed since january 2016. It even won an award of "Most promising MP" in the DYOM Awards. The prevision to be released is for this fall.

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