Profile Link
Username: TakerLIVE


Nationality: American
Website: July 10, 2012

TakerLIVE, is one of the somehow new mission designers in DYOM Community with only a few missions uploaded. However the word is that he actually created missions (like SAPD: The Story Of a Cop and F.E.A.R) but couldn't upload them because they were not complete.

From the time he has joined the DYOM Community, he has been continously trying to compete with the famous and succesful members of DYOM and has been really un-capable to pull it off.

But however he has a few records made in the DYOM of which most members are unaware and there are:-

  1. He has the most number of tutorials in the DYOM website at the current moment.
  2. He is the one to get the maximum number of visits on his debut mission that was- How CJ died. That is clearly because of the title

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