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Username: Target13
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Nationality: Dutch
Forums: Jul 29, 2012
Website: Feb 16 '13

Target13 is a DYOM Designer known for missions like No Age Limit, Modern Combat and most recently The Fort.

Beginning Edit

Target13's first published mission series is Target: Yung. A short-lived mission pack about two brothers trying to find their father's killer in San Andreas. The mission pack was lacking in design, story and gameplay, and therefore never advertised in the GTAForums nor the DYOM website.

Target's next project was GTA Vice Venturas, a story following Tommy Vercetti's arrival in Las Venturas. Made up of 24 missions, the mission pack unfortunately faced the same fate as it's predecessor.

Modern Combat Edit

Modern Combat was Target's longest running mission series that included 26 published missions over the span of 2 years. The story follows Cobra, an assassin tangled in war between the yakuza and the cartel.

The series lasted up until the end but was cancelled right before the Ending missions were published. The reason was never specified.

Mission of The Week Edit

Target13 participated in the very first Mission of The Week contest on 12 may 2013 with No Age Limit. The mission eventually won the contest, making Target13 the very first MOTW winner since its start.

No Age Limit Edit

No Age Limit was about an old man named Jenkins escaping Los Santos during a riot. The mission was short and described as funny. The mission went on to win Mission of The Year 2013, again making Target13 the very first MOTY winner since its start. The success of the mission eventually went on to spawn a sequel titled 'No Age Limit 2: Race for A Ding Dong' and a prequel titled 'The Great Age', a spin-off titled 'No Crossover Limit', which was designed by StuntmanDYOM (Now known as Bender).

Mission of The Week Leader Edit

In 2014, Target13 assumed the rule of Leader when MOTW was abandoned by it's founder AnDRej98 and Chips237. Target imposed a strict layout order and moderation rules to insure the contests continued to function in an organized manner under different contest winners. Target13's set of Mission of The Week contests inevitably were left abandoned as well due to lack of participants.

Today, Target13 is credited as Co-Leader of MOTW 2014.

The Fort & The Target13 Universe Edit

The Fort, a story about a group of drug dealers and criminals who fight a private militia and a CEO to ensure their town of Fort Carson doesn't become a tourist trap, was released on July 8 2015. The Fort spawned great success and was praised for its well written story and originality, but was criticized for its lack of object placement and repetitiveness. The mission pack also received a DYOM TV Award.

A small 'Assassinations' DLC was released on July 9 2015 and featured three new missions.

Target13 Universe Edit

With the release of The Fort, Target13 considered it a reboot to his designing career, rendering all previous missions including No Age Limit and Modern Combat non-canon.

The self described 'Target13' Universe is the setting of The Fort and all future missions from Target13. Meaning all characters, companies and locations can span across a wider story from mission series to mission series. Target described the T13 Universe as a similar idea to that of Marvel Studios' Cinematic Universe.

Missions within the Target13 Universe Edit

  • Panthers: Gangland [1998] (Released in 2017)
  • The Fort Buck-L-Up [1999] (Released in 2017)
  • The Fort [2005] (Released in 2015)

Awards Edit

Target13 has won multiple awards during his designing career.

  • Mission of the Year 2013 (No Age Limit)
  • Mission of the Week #1 (No Age Limit)
  • Mission of the Week #4 (Skullz MC)
  • Mission of the Week #13 (Silenced Bird)
  • Win the First Mission of The Week (Mission of The Week #1)
  • Have three Missions of the Week (#1/#4/#13)
  • Most Improved Designer (2015)
  • Most Helpful in DYOM Forums (2013-2014)
  • Awards Ceremonies: Won two Different Awards
  • Awards Ceremonies: Won two awards

Trivia Edit

  • Target13 was notorious for childish behavior on the DYOM forums.
  • The Designer's Lounge number one poster is Target13 with over 700 posts.
  • Target13 also has a popular thread in the General Chat subforum of the GTAForums titled 'The Official Foodporn Thread of The GTAForums'.