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Username: ThaBoy
aka: TheBoy




Nationality: Dutchman
Forums: Dec 16, 2011
Website: Dec 15, 2011

ThaBoy is a DYOM user since 2011. He created 3 mission packs so far, but didn't finish any of them. He had a long time of being inactive, but it seems he's finally back. He's also a member of the Skype chat group. ThaBoy is also know as Stromae on GTAForums.

Mission PacksEdit

Grove 4 Life: Kings of LSEdit

After using DYOM for a couple of days and becoming totally obsessed by DYOM, he opened a topic on for his first mission pack: Grove 4 Life: Kings of LS. After making two chapters, a few half-completed missions and delaying it for a couple of weeks, ThaBoy accepted that this missionpack was a failure and cancelled it.

The Splinter CellEdit

After his cancelled mission pack, ThaBoy started a new mission pack based on the original Splinter Cell series. It is one of the few stealth mission packs in the DYOM history so far. He made a few good missions, but lost his creativity for a while. But Doublepulse offered his help and brought the mission pack back to life. The mission pack is still being worked on, and is supposed to be completed before the end of 2012.

The GodfatherEdit

On April 12, 2012, ThaBoy started his third mission pack called 'The Godfather'. He based this mission pack on the original Playstation 2 game, and tried to make a perfect remake of it. So far he did his job well and made an almost perfect remake of The Godfather Game. He already made three chapters and isn't planning to cancel it. It's also his longest mission pack so far. People really seem to like the mission pack and it's also hosted on


DYOM TV is a project that was established by Converse. It was going to be a YouTube account, that'll upload videos set in a "news report" type broadcast. The launch date of the first episode was said to be Feb 26, 2012, but since there were no DYOM TV broadcasts, due Converse's family business, DYOM TV was delayed to March 30, 2012. After a long time of inactivity, Secronom President locked the topic.

On October 4, 2012, ThaBoy made a new topic for DYOM TV, which was instantly locked by Secronom President due to lack of information. But after a personal message to Secronom President, the topic was unlocked and ready to go. So far DYOM TV is going well, and has many viewers on YouTube. But with fame comes hate, and there're also a few DYOM TV haters spotted on YouTube.

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