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Username: Alan Eastwood
aka: TheXProyect




Nationality: Argentinian.gif
Allies: QuiCkNeSS


Forums: Feb 25, 2011
Website: December 20, 2011

"I'm back people!

For those who don't know me check my other missions pack. Also you can check my profile on DYOM:

I've already started making the next mission of my mission pack. So keep your eyes open cause' It's going to be finished very soon!"
-Alan Eastwood

Alan Eastwood (aka TheXProyect) is one of the DYOM users in gtaforums. His real name is Alan, he started to make mission packs in spanish, after several days he started to do mission packs in English like Gangster 4 Life and The Only Living Soul.



TheXProyect is a very fan of GTA especially GTA San Andreas so he looks mods for playing just for fun and play with friends, later he found DYOM and then just in minutes he started doing missions for himself later he upload them on the official site of DYOM, his first mission pack is El Agente Mr.X, that was his first mission pack in spanish. Later he made another one called Saw 1. After few days he find gtaforums and he find the DYOM section, he started making doing missions in english and made his first mission pack in english called Gangster 4 Life.


 On Thursday, Jan 17 2013

He decides to retires after cancel hismission pack Taste of Power:

"I cancel this mission-pack. I think it was a mistake that I will never commit. Forgive me Secronom for using your character in vain."

A year later after finish Gangster 4 Life he made other like Land of The Dead: Paths of Destiny, later canceled and Taste of Power later canceled too. Then he realizes that he lost his "touch" and he finally made his retirement (for doing missions) but he was still around and welcoming new comers.


On Thursday, Jul 25 2013

After months he made his return to dyom:

"I have good news for those who are interested, i'm back and i going to make more missions-pack that i have planned for a long time, you can't miss it"

Currently he's working on another mission pack called The Only Living Soul is a Horror Mission pack about a man named "Carl" who find himself on a terrible year for the human race.

DYOM WorldEdit

After his return decided to use dyom world to be a bit more active than before and also to share his stories. He's currently contributing a lot creating various articles like characters, dyom users and among other things.

Mission PacksEdit

1.The Agent Mr.X (Spanish Version)
2.Saw 1 (Spanish)
3.Gangster 4 Life
4.Land of the dead: Paths of destiny
5.The Agent X (Remake)
6.Taste of Power
7.The Only Living Soul


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