For the spanish version see El Agente Mr.X

The Agent X
Mission pack
Creator: TheXProyect
Type: Mission Pack
Genre: Apocalypse
Status: On Hold
Number of Chapters: 1
Year: 2012
Protagonist(s): Agent X

The The Agent X is the 5th mission pack made by TheXProyect. You follow the story of an Agent from S.O.F (Special Operation Force) called Agent X who tries to find some stranges rumors about experiments in the company called "The Recon".


This story takes place in 2012, you are an agent of the Organization SOF (Special Operation Force), and try to investigate an attack on the town of Blueberry which is rumored to be ah escaped an experiment of the company "The Recon", X, Z, J and K were found with strange things and will have to face horrors.

Differences between the Spanish versionEdit

  • The character real name is never revealed in the spanish version.
  • Agent Z (Hank Williams) was a police not an agent in the spanish version.
  • In the spanish version the enemies were the zombies, but in the spanish version are like a monsters inside the people.

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