The Chronicles of Quentin Ross
Mission pack
Creator: The Odyssey
Type: Mission-pack
Genre: Mafia
Status: Work In Progress
Year: Unknown
Protagonist(s): Quentin Ross
This mission pack is still in-progress.
"The information will change overtime. Remove this template when the mission pack is finished."

The Chronicles of Quentin Ross is a mission pack by The Odyssey .


Ordinary supermarket employee Quentin Ross is awoken by a sudden change of events. His brother, Hank Ross, is murdered in cold blood by a ruthless mafia family named The Angelo Crime Family, after he breaks the truce between the Angelo family and the Scagliotta family, which Hank has led for a long time. Hank requests through his will that he wants his brother to lead the family because a "big event" is going to occur and only Quentin knows what it is.  However Hank dies before he can tell Quentin of the event. He is also conflicted with family, and other characters that may bring his role as a don down, and is drawn into a emotional and psychological journey. 

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