The Designers Lounge
GTAForums Thread
Title: The Designers Lounge
Starter: Secronom President
Date: Friday, Jan 7 2011, 07:05
Type: Chatting

The Designers Lounge is a thread made by Secronom President. The thread is all about discussing stuff about almost anything. Designers can talk about their future mission packs plans, discuss about any topic that's in a way related to DYOM but does not really deserve it's own topic.

Discussions completely unrelated to DYOM is allowed but to a certain extent only.

Page milestones!Edit

On February 2, 2012, Guib posted a reply that made 100th page in Designers' Lounge.

On September 20, 2012, GTAIndonesia posted a reply that made 200th page in Designers' Lounge.

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