The Killer
Appearances: Episode From San Fierro
Full Name: Unknown
Also Known As: The Killer
Gender: Male
Status: deceased
Nationality: American
Home: San Fierro (Formerly)
Affiliations: Unnamed Gang (Leader)

The Killer is the main antagonist of Cidj's first mission pack Episode From San Fierro.

Early Life Edit

Nothing is known about him, but only that he was a Cluckin' Bell worker but later, he was fired for accidentally killing a worker. When Tobey and Chris where visiting Armando, a girl's voice went loudy and Tobey got up to check it but then he founded out a girl dead and The Killer show's up telling Tobey to "Fuck off", so Tobey knocked out The Killer. The Killer ran away swearing to kill any friend of Tobey. Tobey followed The Killer to the roof, The Killer started again to run away until he founded out Chris outside The Pleasure Dooms Club realizing that he's one of Tobey's friends, so without loosing any chance, The Killer approaches Chris and shots him letting Chris to fall down slowly to the floor then The Killer is nowhere to be seen as Tobey saw Chris's body telling him to Rest In Peace. Tobey tells Armando that Chris has died so they bury him in Bayside. After a while, Armando told Tobey that The Killer is somewhere in Los Quebrados. As soon as the two arrived to Los Quebrados, they founded out The Killer nearby the police station, they asked him some questions but The Killer ran away fast with a bike. The two followed him until they lost him in Sherman Dam as The Killer was hiding himself in El Castillo Del Diablo, Tobey then swore that the next day, it's going to be The Killer's last day.

Death Edit

Armando told Tobey that The Killer is in a boat near The Pleasure Dooms Club. The two got to the boat as Tobey told Armando that he must go alone. Going alone, Tobey managed to make it to The Killer and as soon as he founds him, Tobey shoots him in the head letting him to fall slowly to the floor making his promise and completing his vengeance against Chris's death.

Murder Committed Edit

  • One of his fellow workers - accidentally shooted (unseen).
  • The girl - Shoot to death.
  • Chris White - Shoot to death.

Missions appearences Edit

Episode From San Fierro:

  • Armando William
  • Bad Day
  • Who is the killer
  • Ending this mess (Killed)

Trivia Edit

  • His Full name wasn't pronounced in the game
  • His same model appears in the mission "A Girlfriend". However, it isn't possible that he's the same person because the guy was killed in the same mission.

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